New build first floor flat with a triple garage.

Take one plot of land and thee cars

Get planning permission and then:

Build foundations, add a two storey structure with three car parking bays.

Add reinforced paving to the front  for car parking.

Add side entrance and staircase.

Add power supplies, running water, heating, lighting and insulation.

Add a sprinkling of tools, fittings and shelving 

Wash, hoover and polish cars outside or inside in the warm.  


Take one plot of land and thee cars

Add ancillary services

Keep work and Lifestyle separate

Have car maintenance facilities, running water and sinks downstairs. 

And personal hygiene upstairs.

Add a two bedroom flat and sign up with Netflix.


Add ancillary servicesToilet and drainage

Add workspace

Be organised

Design ergonomic office

Arrange furniture

Install connectivity and router

Add shower facilities.

Add BBQ and outside furniture



Add workspaceShower facilities

Many thanks to you and your team Geoff, It really couldn't be any better. Perfect.

It is the dream man cave!

All the best

Steve Hollings