Project complete 10th Oct 2017

Project complete

Mission accomplished.

We have handed over the project on time and on budget.
The final part was laying the turf for the new front lawn.

The end result is very good, a robust, well insulated, energy efficient and spacious living space.

You can see more images from the project here



Project completeRear of the property at the start of the project.

Rear view on project completionRear view on project completion

"Oh, we are in!
It is soo nice to be able to sit down and relax in our, there's no other word for it, luxurious home which has now more than doubled our living space.
A big thank you to you and the team Geoff, we know we sorely tested you, but you delivered on time and within budget.

Looking forward to the weekend to just enjoy the space.

Many, many thanks,we love our newly transformed home"

Hilary and Gerald Hartley